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印象的な動画(パート2)/Impressive video (part2)

 Hi, I’m a free person! Now that I’ve written an article about my condition and current situation, I’m going to introduce some of the video works I’ve watched that were impressive and interesting to me. It would be too long to introduce everything at once, so I will divide it into five parts. This time, I will focus on Foreign dramas.(Outside of Japan)

 The dramas introduced are until 2023.

目次/Table of contents

SUPERNATURAL (Year2005~2020/All 15seasons)


Siblings Dean and Sam crisscross the country, investigating paranormal activity and picking fights with demon, ghosts and monsters.




 It was my personal opinion that seasons 1 to 3 were ordinary dramas, but from around season 4, “Oh!?” Then, I was watching the season after that, and before I knew it, I was addicted to it. The songs played at the end of the season (other than season 1) match quite well with the drama and it’s very good. ( I was addicted to the song and watched a lot of artist’s videos on YouTube. Haha
 As an aside, this drama has a lot of episodes.

「マジかよ、ふざけんな! 黙れ、バカ野郎」
“Oh you kidding me!! Hey dick move pigeon!
Screw you ass.”

THE WALKING DEAD(Year2010~2022/All 11seasons)


In the wake of a zombie apocalypse, survivors hold on to the hope of humanity by banding together to wage a fight for their own survival.




*This drama has quite a lot of grotesque scenes. If you are not good at it, please refrain from watching.
 I thought it was a simple zombie drama, but the feelings of various characters crossed and entangled, and I was always tense as I watched it full of tense developments.

“So, back to it. “

ブラック~恋する死神~(Year2017/All 1seasons)


A Grim Reaper, a detective and a woman who foresees death get ensnared in matters of life and death–and dark mysteries of twenty years past.




 I thought it was a gag drama, but it’s a mystery drama full of fantasy elements! It was a work that I couldn’t read the genre of the drama, but strangely, I was absorbed in watching the drama without feeling uncomfortable.

「ガムのように 俺にくっついていろ」
“Then stay right by my side at all times like glue.”

Blindspot (Year2015~2020/All 5seasons)


An unidentified woman found in a Boston bag. There is a tattoo on the whole body, and the FBI team moves to find it in a state of memory loss and solve the crime. Before long, it turns out that the woman belonged to a secret terrorist organization in the past, and her loyalty is tested.

タイムズ・スクエアの路上で、ボストンバッグに入れられた状態で発見された身元不明の女性。全身に難解なタトゥーがあり、記憶喪失の状態で発見して犯罪を解決するFBIチームが動く。 やがて女性の過去に秘密のテロ組織に属していたことがわかり、彼女の忠誠心が試される。


 A woman with amnesia full of tattoos in the bag in the middle of the street was already crazy from the beginning. Tattoos are studded with various mysteries, and as you get closer to the truth, you will understand the woman’s past little by little …

“There’s something in here”

LOST(Year2004~2010/All 6seasons)


After his plane crashes, they ends up spending his days on a mysterious island. In each episode, the past of one or more people is revealed little by little, and each character’s personality becomes clearer, and the pasts of the characters who were supposed to have met for the first time on the island begin to connect.



 While the mystery deepens until the second half of the drama, it is a drama that leaves the viewers with some interpretation. A development that seems to be clearly divided between likes and dislikes.

“Come on! Come on!”

Criminal Minds(Year2005~2020/All 15seasons)


The FBI Behavior Analysis Division will profile thugs, decipher criminal psychology, and lead them to the resolution of the case.



 There are many changes of the cast, but I was able to immerse myself in the content of the drama and it remained impressive.
 As an aside, this drama has a lot of episodes.

“Try not, do or do not.”
*This is a saying of a great man.

PRISON BREAK(Year2005~2009/All 4seasons)


A man who was arrested and sentenced to death on suspicion of shooting and killing the vice president’s younger brother. His younger brother and talented design engineer, he believes in his big brother’s innocentness and plots a detailed plan to rescue him from execution.



 The main character’s plan was too detailed, and I was already scared.Haha
There were many characters with difficult personalities, and it was also interesting.

“Beat it.

UNDER THE DOME(Year2013~2015/All 3seasons)


A small town is surrounded by an invisible dome-shaped barrier, cutting it off from the outside world. And the people who are trapped become violent.

小さな町が突然目に見えないドーム状の障壁によって囲まれてしまい、外部世界と遮断されてしまう。 余所者だが元軍人の主人公はアメリカ政府と連携して事態の解決を図るが、権力志向に憑りつかれた町政委員は、自らが取り仕切る違法ドラッグ工場の存在が露見する事を恐れて調査を妨害し、ドーム状に閉じ込められた人たちが凶暴化していく。


 It is indescribable to see the transformation of people surrounded by barriers. The seemingly peaceful town’s residents suddenly change, becoming riddled with problems and moving away from peace.

“Do you think he’s gonna be okay?”

HEROES(Year2006~2010/All 4seasons)


Strange phenomena occur simultaneously in various places. Ordinary people suddenly have supernatural powers like superheroes. Why did you give them such abilities? Is it to save humanity, or is it just a prank.



 It was unfolding from various points of view, and I was excited to see how they would all connect. I personally like supernatural powers and paranormal phenomena, so I enjoyed seeing the various types of supernatural powers. Also, Japanese was cute.Haha


The 100(Year2014~2020/All 7seasons)


Ninety seven years after nuclear war. The surviving humans, who can no longer live on earth, escape to space and live on a space station. However, due to the problems of population growth and resource depletion, humanity is forced to return to Earth again, and in order to investigate whether Earth is habitable, they send 100 boys and girls serving prison sentences to Earth.

核戦争により地球が滅びて97年後。生き残った人類は宇宙へ逃れており、『アーク』と呼ばれる宇宙ステーションで暮らしていた。 しかし、人口増加と資源の枯渇という問題に直面し、再び地球へ帰る必要性に迫られた人類は地球が居住可能な状態であるか調査をするため、服役中の少年少女100人を地球へと送り込む。


 I was intrigued by the impactful images of the drama even before I started watching it. Seeing the people sent to Earth overcome numerous trials and become stronger, I felt the urge to send words of encouragement.

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend”

 The “” in the speech bubble is an impressive line.

 The above dramas were viewed on Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, and Disney+, but it is not known if they are currently available.

 他のドラマ/Other dramas
「ストレインー沈黙のエクスプリスー/The Strain」「レジェンドオブトゥモロー/DC’s Legends of Tomorrow」「ゲームオブスローンズ/Game of Thrones」

※The work I chose is just a personal point of view. Also, I’m not very interested in romance, so I haven’t introduced it.




目次/Table of contents