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印象的な動画(パート3)/Impressive video (part3)

 Hi, I’m a free person! Now that I’ve written an article about my condition and current situation, I’m going to introduce some of the video works I’ve watched that were impressive and interesting to me. It would be too long to introduce everything at once, so I will divide it into five parts. This time, I will focus on movies.(All countries)

 紹介する映画は2023年までです。また、映画はドラマほど観ないので日本・海外映画をまとめています。ドラマから派生したもの、紹介して記事(part1 part2)にでてきた作品は除いています。
 The film introduced are until 2023. Also, I don’t watch a lot of movies, so I put them all together in all countries. I have omitted works that were mentioned in the article(part1 part2) introducing.

目次/Table of contents



 Himura Kenshin was once feared as a legendary manslayer, but after the Meiji Restoration, he made a vow not to kill. Through encounters with various people, he discovers his own path in life.


 I basically don’t like live-action adaptations of anime, but this one was different. Personally, I like this one better than the anime. The main character, who is usually so carefree, gives us glimpses of his past from time to time. The lead character’s portrayal is breathtaking. It was great.


DEATH NOTE&DEATH NOTE the Last name/日本/2006年


 Light Yagami, a genius college student, and L, another genius, engage in a battle of wits over the “Death Note” dropped by the god of death, Ryuk.


 This is another live-action adaptation of an anime, but I personally preferred the live-action version. The characters matched the cast and the acting was good. The battle of wits between the two geniuses was great and the movie went by so fast.




 A team is filming a zombie movie in an abandoned building when suddenly real zombies attack them. The director is maddened and overjoyed by the realistic survival scene. But behind the scenes of the filming, there are many circumstances and secrets hidden.


 I started watching the movie thinking that it would be approximately like this, but it wasn’t at all. I was surprised because it was quite different from what I expected. The content was well done despite the short length of the movie.

“Ok, cut~!”

DESTINY 鎌倉ものがたり/日本/2018年


 A woman marries a mystery writer. She is surprised by her new life with her husband. Her husband lives with demons, ghosts, monsters, Buddhas, and other non-humans. One day, as she begins to get used to this life despite her confusion, tragedy strikes the couple.


 The storyline is the simplest and easiest to understand among the movies I have seen, and I was honestly moved by the movie.




 The story of the birth of the Joker, the well-known villain of the “Batman” series. The film depicts the transformation of a young man who dreams of becoming a comedian into an evil charismatic figure.


 A movie starring a villain from another movie. How did someone who was an ordinary young man become a villain? What happened to the young man is too spectacular, and the cast who played it so well is too wonderful.

“Thank you, Randall. Thank you so much.”



 While attending a live music club in London, Freddie Mercury forms a band with three friends and produces an album. The band takes the world by storm thanks to the individuality of the members and their challenging experiments, but Freddie becomes increasingly isolated.


 I liked Queen (Freddie Mercury Name of band belonging to), so I was very interested in this movie before I saw it. The members and Freddie are gradually passing each other and their conflicts are sad. And the live performance scenes are irresistible.

“I decide who I am.”



 A banker is sent to prison on suspicion of shooting his wife and lover. At first he is perplexed, but eventually he wins the hearts of the inmates with his mysterious charm. Many years pass, and he discovers important evidence that exonerates him of his false accusation.


 I was impressed by the protagonist’s perseverance in the face of changes in the people and environment around him. It is an old movie, but it is a wonderful movie that has not faded away at all. It is worth watching this movie.

“We have a winner!”



 Ashecliffe Hospital, located on Shutter Island, an isolated island off the coast of Boston, houses criminals with mental illness. One day, a female patient named Rachel disappears from the hospital. U.S. Marshal Teddy visits the island to investigate, but he has another agenda.


 The mysterious development continued from about the middle of the movie, and I finished watching it. I generally do not watch video works that I have already seen once, but strangely enough, I watched this film once more. Then, I was shocked at the various things that happened from the beginning of the movie. If you are going to watch this movie, you should definitely watch it twice.

“Why are you all wet, baby?”



 Cobb’s talent for stealing ideas from other people’s dreams has earned him an international manhunt, and he is also suspected of murdering his wife. One day, a man who calls himself “Saito” offers Cobb an unusual request. It was not about stealing ideas, but about “inception,” planting ideas in the target’s subconscious.


 I watched this movie twice, and although I understood most of the flow of the movie the first time, I thought it would be more interesting to watch it twice to understand it better. This is a movie that makes you question many things, what is reality and what is a dream.

“You have two minutes to design a game, that it takes one minute to solve.”

KINGSMAN(Series Movies)/US/Year2014~2021


 Kingsman is a luxury suit store in London. The entity was the hideout of a group of spies who did not belong to any country. When a member of the team is murdered and a new recruit is scouted, the spy man is approached by a delinquent boy in town whose father is an ex-agent.


 As expected of a group of spies, the combat was smart and cool. I wanted the umbrella from the movie.Haha

“Manners maketh man.”

THE MATRIX(Series Movies)/US/Year1999~2021


 Neo, a brilliant hacker, was plagued by the feeling that he was still dreaming when he woke up. Then one day, a mysterious message arrives on his home computer screen. There, he is shown the truth about the world. Soon, an epic battle for the fate of mankind begins.


 The first movie is an old one, but I think many people have seen it because it has many great scenes. It often slows down during battles, and the storyline is fascinating.


STAR WARS(Series Movies)/US/Year1977~2019


 The story takes place in a galaxy long ago. It depicts the long years of warfare between the Imperial Forces of the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance, both of which seek to dominate the galaxy with their power. The “Force,” the energy that envelops all things in the galaxy, has two natures, the “light side” (light) and the “dark side” (darkness), depending on the user’s emotions. This movie tells the story of an epic battle over the “light side” and “dark side” of the Force.
 遠い昔の銀河系での話。 銀河を力で支配しようとする銀河帝国の帝国軍と、反乱同盟軍の長い年月に渡る戦いが壮大なスケールで描かれてる。銀河の万物を包み込んでいるエネルギー体の”フォース”は使用者の感情によって「ライトサイド(光)」と「ダークサイド(闇)」の2つの性質を持つ。本作は“光と闇”のフォースをめぐって壮大な戦いを繰り広げる物語。


 The movie itself is famous, and even if you have never seen it, there are many people who know the word “Star Wars”, I did too. When I changed my home internet connection, Disney+ was free for 6 months, so I had time to watch it. It was a magnificent and wonderful movie. If you watch it, I personally urge you to watch it in the order of its release.

“Don’t think, Feel.”



 A woman raises her son by herself. She is on the verge of losing her sight due to an illness, and is saving money for her son’s surgery, who is also losing his sight. However, her neighbor makes an attempt on her precious savings, and in the struggle to get it back, she kills him.


 It goes in more and more negative directions, and I feel too sorry for the woman who doesn’t deserve anything. It’s not grotesque, but if you don’t like bad endings, you probably shouldn’t watch it.
“I’ve seen it all”



 Three young men attend a prestigious university. One of them becomes friends with the dean’s daughter, but eventually, after a commotion caused by the three of them, he, who was originally a genius and a carefree person, disappears and is never heard from again. The other two are in pursuit of their missing friend.


 The running time is long, but if you watch it, it will be over in no time. The content is cheerful but also moving. A movie with a happy ending.

“Aal Izz Well!”



 事故で首から下が麻痺してしまった富豪の男と、介護役として男に雇われた刑務所を出たばかりの黒人青年の交流を、笑いと涙を交えて描く。 まったく共通点のない2人は衝突しあいながらも、やがてお互いを受け入れ、友情をはぐくんでいく。
 The movie depicts, with laughter and tears, the interaction between a wealthy man who is paralyzed from the neck down in an accident and a young black man hired by the man as a caregiver. The two men, who have nothing in common, clash with each other, but eventually accept each other and develop a friendship.


 A heartwarming movie about two people who are different in every way, but gradually come to share their differences. I felt that common sense is a world for each person.

“You’re not born a winner, you’re not born a loser. You’re born a chooser.”

 The “” in the speech bubble is an impressive line.


 The following movies are among those that have left a strong impression on me.


PARANOMAL ACTIVITY(Series Movies)/US/Year2007~2016

 The following is only the title of the movie, as there are surprisingly many movies and the article is getting longer.
「Lucy/ルーシー」「The Mist/ミスト」「The Curious Case of Benjamin Button/ベンジャミンバトン 数奇な人生」「Forrest Gump/フォレストガンプ 一期一会」「Black Swan/ブラックスワン」「Now You See Me/グランドイリュージョン」「The Green Mile/グリーンマイル」「Green Book/グリーンブック」「Harry Potter/ハリーポッター」「Fantastic Beasts/ファンタスティックビースト」「Pirates of the Caribbean/パイレーツオブカリビアン」「The Transporter/トランスポーター」「SE7EN/セブン」「Whiplash/セッション」「Ghost/ゴースト ニューヨークの幻」「The Terminator/ターミネーター」「Happy Death Day/ハッピー・デス・デイ」「The Shining/シャイニング」「Doctor Sleep/ドクター・スリープ」

 The work I chose is just a personal point of view. Also, I’m not very interested in romance, so I haven’t introduced it.
 The above movies were viewed on Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, and Disney+, but it is not known if they are currently available.




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